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Written by Irene Drury 7/7/01

Little E fired up his engine; he heard his father's voice
Saying "June Bug can you hear me above Bud's roaring noise?
I'll be here beside you;I'll be your spotter for today.
I'll be right by your side, every step of the way.
Today, my son, you'll be victorious; you will set the pace.
You have everything it takes to take Daytona's 400 race.
Son, I came here to tell you how very proud I am of you.
Win that race for you, June Bug, please to thine own self be true.

When that checkered flag comes into view, when your heart swells with joy,

You'll hear your old man saying, "You did it. THAT'S MY BOY!"
There were times I failed to tell you what a fine man you've grown to be.

You are Little E no more; you're the man I failed to see.
You will be a NASCAR hero by doing things your own way.
Hold on to what you believe in when the race gets under way.
You know it only takes one mistake; please keep that thought in mind.

Victory will be yours today if you leave sad memories behind.
Although you won't see me on Victory Lane, you'll feel my kiss upon your cheek.

I'll be so darn proud of you, June Bug, I'll find it hard to speak.
So I'll whisper gently in your ear, you are my pride and joy,
My friend, my son, my miracle. You did it! THAT'S MY BOY!"

To Dale...From Your Fans
Written by Charlotte Anselmo

Each time we see a race
Or hear a mighty engine roar,
See a waving checkered flag,
We'll think of you once more.

A man of honor and love
To us you meant so much
Loved by people everywhere
So many felt your touch.

In our hearts you'll stay forever
Your memory shining bright
The joy and love you gave to all
As you raced with all your might.

For now we say good bye
As tears run down our face
We'll meet again one day
When we've run our final race.

The Final Lap
Written by Charlotte Anselmo

A thrill was in the air that day
As the number three flashed past
Shouts and cheers rose on the wind
As his car sped by so fast.
The race had been so thrilling
The finish line just ahead
The thought did not occur to us
We'd see tragedy instead.
The final lap came all to soon
For a hero we held dear
Little did we know that day
That the end for him was near.
Our hearts are filled with sadness
Our hero had to leave
To race across the Heavens now
While we are left to grieve.
The gates of Heaven opened
His final trophy gleaming bright
He slowly gunned his engine
As he drove into the light.

(check out Charlotte's Tribute page @ where you can see this poem featured.)

I head the story of a middle school poet who had written a poem about Dale Earnhardt's death.  He wrote the poem during a contest in school, and upon his entry, his teachers had chosen him as one of three children whose poems would be published in a poetry book.  Because he is a minor, I chose not to reveal his identity, but with the permission of the poet and his parents,  here is his wonderful dedication to the man who drove:

The Black #3

The race fans stood gazing, waiting for the moment of adrenaline
But suddenly a terrible storm came over their heads as they stood there
Rumbling and crackling sounded like the black number three drove into the winners' circle
And the crackling sound like the pictures snapping and the fans clapping
And the green flag waving and the storm stopped as the black number three and its great driver floated away into a legend
People may forget him but I will always remember him in the black number three

(Thanks to the poet and parents for the use of this poem!)

Message From Above
Written by Evelyn Lea Adams on April 25, 2001

You know what day it is and I am not with you
I tell you, don't think of that, for there is much to do
Mikey, you did really good, winning the Daytona 500
But is that to be your only win, I'm beginning to wonder
Steve, you followed up at Rockingham, for a second win
Determined, in spite of tragedy, our season wouldn't end
Kevin Harvick, in the new 29 car, gave us quite a show
He drove his first Nascar race, to make it 3 in a row
Jr., it's ok Son, that you haven't won yet, this year
My boy, you've had a lot to deal with, which is very clear
Now boys, I'm telling all of you, so sit back and listen up
There are things you need to know, to win a Winston Cup
If you find yourself in the middle, or way back in the pack
Knuckle down, weave yourself, right on around the track
It's ok for you to bump and tap your way to the front
Especially when a win, is the thing you're out to hunt
Always remember safety, while making your worthy run
For although racing is your job, you should be having fun
A man who loves you all, sent this Message From Above
And Jr., my Son, I tell you now, I was doing what I loved

Copyright 2001 Evelyn Adams

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