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A Father's Voice
Written by Evelyn Lea Adams on April 26, 2001

It's been two and a half months, since that fatal day
Now it's time for you to listen, to what I have to say
I'm sorry I wasn't there, when you crossed the finish line
But it was one of the best races, in all your Nascar time
The first race, the Daytona 500 and you took second place
You should have seen the pride, upon your old man's face
Son, I see the pain on your face and hear it in your voice
The reason I'm not with you, is because I had no choice
When you hit the wall at Rockingham, on the first turn
God, his hand upon my shoulder, said not to be concerned
I knew the next few weeks, would be really hard on you
But, by Texas, I knew you would do, what you had to do
With style you took the lead, of that you should be proud
And did you feel the love for you, coming from the crowd
A bad pit stop, you lost the race, that's all part of the game
Remember to work hard, encourage and never place blame
Just tell yourself, that in Martinsville, you will do better
For each race you win, in your cap, will be another feather
Your the Dominator, in Talladega and leading the race
A smile is on your Father's face, as you take eigth place

Copyright 2001 Evelyn Adams

Created by Larry Lange

His Precious Gift
Written by Evelyn Lea Adams on May 4, 2001

He made Nascar racing what it is today
In a matter of seconds, he was taken away
For those that loved him, his presence was dear
And thru his family and friends, his spirit is near
It is not for us to question, or even ask God why
It is only for us to grieve and then for us to cry
God, our strength and Faith he wanted to test
So he chose to take the Intimidator, Nascar's best
We stood proud and strong, our Faith not shaken
Even though our Idol, Dale Earnhardt was taken
He has shown us that life, will most definitely go on
There's a lot of living to do, before we are called home
He left us with the memory, of all the races he won
And left us guardianship, of one of his most precious Sons
Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr., is this fine young man's name
And just like his Daddy, you got it, Nascar racings his game
He was nicknamed the Dominator, by his Dad last year
Now every Sunday, it's for the Dominator, the fans cheer
This may only be his second year, in the Winston Cup
But you can bet the Dominator, will never, ever give up

Copyright 2001 Evelyn Adams

Owned by Soggy

The Wrangler Man
Written by Evelyn Lea Adams on May 7, 2001

He was tall, he was lean and wore tight fitting jeans
Drove a yellow and blue car for the Wrangler team
His hair curly and longer than it should have been
But with kindness and respect, friends he would win
He had a snide little smile and wore a cowboy hat
On Sundays, behind the wheel of a racecar, he sat
He had a bushy mustache and tons of sex appeal
But this man, larger than life, to us was very real
With a fierce competitive style, in Nineteen Eighty Two
He raced for the finish line, a steely glint in eyes of blue
Driving with pedal to the metal and always in high gear
For this man, you can bet, there was no such thing as fear
He lost his Idol, his Father Ralph, when he was twenty two
His determination to dedicate his life, to racecar driving grew
With a family and team to support, a living he had to make
Still his joy in racecar driving, something he couldn't shake
He sliced and diced his way, around racetracks every Sunday
It was for his love of the sport and fans, not just the money
Now he became very famous, with four children and a wife
Never dreaming the sport he loved, would ever take his life

Copyright 2001 Evelyn Adams

Dale Having Fun
Written by Evelyn Lea Adams on May 14, 2001

The day is hot, the sky clear and very, very blue
Beautiful white clouds scattered thru and thru
Forty-three racecars all lined up on pit row
Forty-three drivers in jumpsuits, ready to go
Cars with new paint, polished to a high gloss
Fans waiting to see who won and who lost
They put on their helmets, anticipation by all felt
Then climb in their cars and buckle their seat belts
The National Anthem sung and the Prayer said
Then come three jet airplanes flying overhead
"Gentlemen start your engines" the driver's hear
As the cars roar to life and they shift into gear
Behind the Pace car, onto the track they file
Knowing they have to race for five hundred miles
There's Park, Martin, LaBonte and even Petty
With Gordon, Wallace, Waltrip and Andretti
Gordon looked in his mirror and what did he see
Jr. and then Dale in his black car number three
Dale was on the move, definitely having some fun
As he takes the checkered flag, once again Dale won

Copyright 2001 Evelyn Adams

The Shepherd
Written by Evelyn Lea Adams on June 8, 2001

A beautiful February Sunday, what a great day for a race
I can see the excitement all over Dale Earnhardt's face
After 20 years, he'd finally won this race in 1998
So he wanted to add the 2001 Daytona 500, to his plate
Driving fast and furious, Dale finally took over the lead
He'd listened to his Spotters and their advice he did heed
Bumped by a Rookie, while he was making his worthy run
Dale let him pass, giving him the sign for number one
All of a sudden a wreck, involving at least twenty cars
It was the worst thing we had seen that day, so far
Tony Stewart going airborne, toppling end over end
Dale asking about Jr., Mike and Steve again and again
Caution over and there's Mike, Jr., Dale and Steve
Running first, second, third and fourth, would you believe
A win, certainly not out of Dale's reach, by any means
Now wouldn't that be a coup for the DEI and RCR teams
Car #3, in third place could have made a move at any time
But playing Shepherd, he herded Mike and Jr. to the finish line
We sat and watched, as Dale committed his most unselfish act
Protecting his boys, he gave his life, holding off the pack

Copyright 2001 Evelyn Adams

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