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The Poor Man's Dream
A Tribute to Dale Earnhardt

The South, small towns, and racing grandstands are apart of the heritage of the "cotton mill man." Those of us born in the "city of looms" didn't have the privilege of the "silver spoon."

Families struggled to make ends meet, and so did the family that lived on Sedan Street. TV and Hollywood were out of their small town reach, but that all changed because of "racing on the beach."

A dad named Ralph and his son Dale had a passion for racecars and were "tuff as nails." The "fire in their bones," the dirt, the grime had them chasing a dream without owning dime.

A mom named Martha fussed about "chores," but Dale was obsessed over horsepower, camber and cylinder bore. With his dad's spirit and his own guts and desire, the K-town boy would become a Winston Cup hire.

Soon all would know of his talent and drive, and that Champion status would not be denied. His style of "rubbing is racing" and "banging on doors," created the stuff that is now folklore.

This hard-charging driver with the bushy mustache took Winston Cup Racing to the top so fast, that now our cities big and small have come to know the greatest races of all.

This small town icon who made fortune and fame, lived up to his image and was "too tough to tame!" On weekends "cotton mill guys" would watch and yearn, but this past Sunday the worst we'd learn. The "MAN IN BLACK" who defied wrecks and burns would never make it out of Daytona's fourth turn.
We'll all miss him for years it will seem, but we know God allowed DALE EARNHARDT to be the "poor man's dream."
- by Douglas Hardin, February 19, 2001, a Kannapolis native and huge #3 fan

Child of My Heart

Child of my heart, Child of my soul
You were more important, then any winners goal
You were my breath of life, my miracle from above
Mommy and Daddy's blessing, the fruit of their love
When Mommy held you high, in Daytona's tower
My life felt complete, it was my finest hour
I looked at you and said, "This is what life is all about"
God's greatest gift is Love, you prove that without any doubt
We always kept you with us, I got to watch you grow
I didn't realize what I had missed, but with you I got to know
Each moment I held precious, I treasured every day
I wouldn't have changed a moment, if I knew I couldn't stay
The hugs and the kisses, the sleepy "I love yous"
A day that we spent fishing, under a sky so blue
Riding a bicycle, or the horses down the lane
Just Daddy and his angel, these memories will remain
A baby asleep on Daddy's lap, so full of love and trust
To you I was just Daddy, not the Intimidator so tough
No one can truly understand, the relationship we had
That special bond found only, between a daughter and her dad
Soon you will grow into a woman, but Daddy's little girl you'll always be
Forever the sparkle in the eye, of the driver of #3

Barb Kerr ©02/02/02

Written by Sherry Locke on 2/09/02

A year has passed since that fateful day
When our awesome INTIMIDATOR was taken away

The pain and the agony still fresh in our hearts
His memory haunts us as each new race starts

We can't help but notice there's no number 3
Each time we must face that there never will be.

We loved him deeply through the good and the bad
As each season starts we all will be sad

Some can't understand why we won't let go
Why we keep wearing his shirts and his flag we still show

They can't understand the depth of respect and love for THE MAN
Only true EARNHARDT fans really can

The years were not easy---we took lots of flack
But we always stayed faithful to THE MAN IN BLACK

He taught us so much through all of those years
To have patience and confidence, and to conquer your fears

To never give up no matter what on your dreams
That all things are possible, not as bad as it seems

He earned our respect, loyalty, and love
He can see we still have it from his place up above

He was to us someone no one will replace
We will never forget the look of his face

The things that he did both on and off of the track
Bring both smiles and tears as we now look back

He will not be forgotten, our hero, our idol, our man
We will always be proud to have been a DALE EARNHARDT fan

Brickyard 400 August 1995

One Year Ago
Written by Tami Pearce
February 18th 2002
© CopyRight 2002
One year ago today,
We watched our hero fall away.
With Waltrip and Junior,
Both leading the pack,
We held our breath, and just sat back.
He watched his boys in the front,
When out of no where came a bump.
He was sent flying into the wall,
One year ago today,
We watched our hero fall.
Everyone was on their feet,
His heart had beat it's last beat.
Pain filled our emotions,
Tears could have filled the oceans.
We lost our number "3",
The intimidator so loving and free.
Why couldn't he have stayed,
We lost our hero Dale Earnhardt,
One year ago today.

The Man in Black
Written by Anna Monreal

He was the Man in Black
and he never looked back
An awesome sight out on that track

They say the worst sight you could see
in your rear view
was that Black #3 pulling up behind you

Now we all know the worst sight of all
is not to see that 3 at all

Weep not for Dale and never fail
remember he died do what he loved
and now he smiles down on us from Heaven above

So dry your tears and hold your head up high
make Dale proud and keep reaching for the sky.

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© 2004 Fans' Memories of Dale Earnhardt