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Number 3
Written by Brooka38

He was called the "Intimidator"
Best on the track
I cant believe He'll never be back
I would not have been brave enough to take his place
In Daytona, that day, in that famous race
He lost control and could not get it back,
He died that day on the very last lap.
Now I guess it's up to his son,
But number 3 will always be number 1.

Written by by: Robbie Young

The thrill of the race, the roar of the crowd,
You're in the right place, mistakes not allowed.

To see Earnhardt race is a thrilling 'ol site.
But on this dark day, He turned out the light.

As the cars came around that one fateful turn,
You hear only one sound, that loud crash and burn.
People are rushing to set drivers free,
But no on can help Dale & the 3.

A tragic event has taken a life,
Leaving behind his kids and a wife.
No one will know the greatness to come,
But as Dale would say "It sure has been fun!"

As he was carried away if you'd imagine you'd see,
A car greeting him, a black #3.

The best that there was is now gone from the track,
And all of you know there's no turning back.

If it could be done I know what we'd want,
The black #3 with Earnhardt unhurt.

Racing just won't be the same without him,
We'll always remember that sly little grin.

He only was wanting to please family and fans,
And that's what he did, right to the end.

Now Dale is gone and it's a tragic loss,
But we all know he'll always be boss.

Our Hero
As seen in a memorial roster provided by
Roy Funeral Home, Inc.
Claremont, New Hampshire

A thrill was in the air that day
As the number three flashed past
Shouts and cheers rose on the wind.
As his car sped by so fast.
The race had been so thrilling
The finish just ahead
The thought did not occur to us
We'd see tragedy instead.
The final lap came all to soon
For a hero we held dear
Little did we know that day
That the end for him was near.
Our hearts are filled with sadness
Our hero had to leave
To race across the heavens now
While we are left to grieve.
The gates of heaven opened
His final trophy gleaming bright
He slowly gunned his engine
As he drove into the light.

- A Tribute to Dale Earnhardt
Written by Shawn Kimbro

Can you see the green flag waving
Don't you hear the engines roar
See him racing down the backstretch
With the pedal to the floor
There's a highway up in heaven
And a fair wind blowing free
There's a race that runs forever
Welcome driver Number Three

From a small town in Carolina
Living every farm boy's dream
He became a man of legend
When he made that engine scream
Winning seven Winston titles
Every point he got was earned
Living life at open throttle
Risking all at every turn

From the banks of Talladega
To Daytona's burning sands
He was called "intimidator"
More a legend than a man
Just a glimpse back in the mirror
Made opponents blood run cold
But his kids all called him daddy
And his heart was made of gold

Now on every race-day Sunday
When the checkered flag waves
We'll forever in our memory
See a flat-black Chevrolet
And to Fireball, Adam, Kenny
Davey, Cliff, Neil, and JD
To the victory lane in heaven
Welcome driver number three

Can you see the green flag waving
Don't you hear the engines roar
Racing down the backstretch
With the pedal to the floor
There's a highway up in heaven
Paved with gold and running free
There's a race that runs forever
Welcome driver Number Three

Copyright © 2001, Shawn Kimbro & TrailZZone Records
For a copy of this original Mountain Soul song, you can download it at at

Southern Steel
Author Unknown
How torn apart our lives became
That sad Sunday when God called Dale’s name
For who do I cheer, please give me a sign
How do I know which car is now mine

It was so easy to love car number 3
So easy to love such a person as he
When I see those beauties of Southern Steel
And no black number 3,no Dale at the wheel

My heart comes apart, my pain comes back
For the source of such joy on every track
No other driver just feels quite right
No other car such a beautiful sight

The sport will go on just as it must
Our souls will heal and we will adjust
But who will we now claim for our own
Now that our hero has been called home

When those engines once again are alive
For who will we cheer, which car does he drive
Will he make us as proud as we would be
All the times when we wore that old number three

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© 2004 Fans' Memories of Dale Earnhardt