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 North Carolina's Son
Written by Evelyn Lea Adams on 4/14/01
On April twenty ninth, nineteen fifty one
To North Carolina, was born a Son
On his Daddy's farm, he grew up
Followed around by an ole hound pup
There was a racetrack, not very far
Where his Daddy drove a stock car
Into a fine young man, he grew
Destined for greatness, everyone knew
He wanted to race, it wasn't a whim
But his Daddy refused to encourage him
He got his own car and he began to win
At last there was Daddy, on his face a grin
As he raced himself into fortune and fame
People everywhere, began to revere his name
A family business he started to build
Something he'd cherish, when he's over the hill
This man became a legend, for his deeds
As to the farmer's, he donated grain and seed
Races, friends and fans, along the way he won
For Dale Earnhardt Sr., was North Carolina's Son

Copyright 2001 Evelyn Adams

Written by Evelyn Lea Adams on 4/18/01

From a State that boasts of the Outer Banks
There comes a man, among the highest he ranks
The beauty of the mountains, so very breath taking
As he watches the sun rise, a new day breaking
The beaches and ocean, he holds in awe
For this man loves North Carolina, best of all
He hunted in the woods and fished the streams
And in his blue eyes, there is always a gleam
A helping hand needed, this man gladly gave it
When asked if he minded, he answered "not a bit"
He traveled the road, from racetrack to racetrack
But it was to North Carolina, he always went back
Seven days a week, his business, DEI, he had to run
Even tough it was a job, on the racetrack he had fun
There were so many people, he was responsible for
And he took care of them all, driving his racecar
Never once in his life, did he feel it was a weight
This man always knew, that this was his fate
Never once did he feel, he was caught in a trap
This man, that put Mooresville, NC, on the map

Copyright 2001 Evelyn Adams

Bobby & Dale 1979

Dale and Bobby
Written by Evelyn Lea Adams 4/18/01

It's off to Talladega, this week we go
For the fans, the drivers will put on a show
Driving fast, laying on the gas, never looking back
There are no restrictions at the Talladega racetrack
Dale qualifying, didn't do very well today
But faith in his pit crew, Dale had all the way
Waiting for the green flag, Dale back in the pack
He would have to waltz his way around the track
A long day, Dale's raced hard, he's tired and hot
Dale and Car #3 giving the fans the best they've got
Into the pits for tires and gas, then he is out again
Driving at a frenzied pace, Dale looking for a win
With determination and all his skill, he drives this race
Bumping and tapping his way, into eighteenth place
Bobby leading, looked in his mirror, what did he see
A car on the move, its Dale, in his Black Car #3
Round the last curve, neck and neck for the finish line
Fans on their feet, cheering and crying at the same time
The crew yelling, "Dale you got it, this race is at an end"
Earnhardt had nosed out LaBonte for the Talladega win

Copyright 2001 Evelyn Adams

My Idol
Written by Evelyn Lea Adams on 4/19/01

A cup of hot, black coffe, in my hand
Leaning against the open door, I stand
Looking up at the clear, cloudless sky
I keep asking, "Why did he have to die"
Sunday mornings, I went to Church to Pray
Sunday afternoons, was my time to play
That morning, each week Lord, I gladly give to you
And the afternoons, to a man with eyes so blue
Lord, you don't do anything, without a good reason
Did you have to take my Idol, at the start of the season
It's not my place to question you, or even ask why
I just wonder Lord, why the first race, he had to die
Now on Sundays I cheer for all the DEI team
For those cars and drivers were my Idol's dream
There is also RCR and the Goodwrench crew
They get my support, Sunday afternoons too
Now I will have no more Sundays, with Car #3
For my Idol has come home Lord, to be with Thee
So Lord, I ask of you, my grief to release
My Idol's with you and will always Rest In Peace

Copyright 2001 Evelyn Adams

That's Racing
Written by Evelyn Lea Adams on 4/20/01

It's December, outside it is still cold and snowing
Inside soft lights, embers from the fireplace glowing
I look at the calendar and again mark off the date
Just waiting for February and Nascar, is my fate
Finally it's here, the first day, the start of Nascar fun
I watch the weather and boy am I Praying for sun
There will be forty-three cars on the racetrack today
Driver's all excited, for this is their first day to play
From February to November, they race for the money
Each one doing what they love most, every Sunday
To their fans, these men are certainly not strangers
As every Sunday they go out and flirt with danger
Bumping and grinding, each in his own special way
They're slicing and dicing, trying to hold the others at bay
Pit crews working hard, trying to get their driver out first
Praying for no mistakes that will cost them the purse
Spotters staying alert, advising their drivers were to go
Fans cheeering, watching their favorite put on a show
Loud groans from the stands, as a loss their driver faces
Welcome to the wonderful world of Nascar, "That's Racing"

Copyright 2001 Evelyn Adams

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