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The Intimidator's Last Dance
Written by Evelyn Lea Adams on 2/28/01

Daytona, Florida, what a great place
Today I'll drive the season's first race
Twenty years I've danced around this track
Never a win, a monkey on my back
I never knew what a weight that had been
Until 1998, when I got the covetous win
To Victory Lane I went, to dance atop my car
This trophy my best accomplishment by far
Today I'll race that track again
Trying my best for a second win
The Intimidator, the Man in Black
Dancing my way around the racetrack
A little bump here, a small tap there
The Intimidator, driving with skill so rare
I had raced my car, right into third place
Mike and Dale Jr., one and two in the race
My chest filled with pride and full of joy
As I so desperately tried to help my boy
Now the Intimidator, the Man in Black
Will never again, dance around the racetrack

Copyright 2001 Evelyn Adams

God Wanted Me
Written by Evelyn Lea Adams on 3/10/01

When Sunday's race starts without me
And on the track, there's no car #3
I wish like me, you wouldn't cry
For you know, I really didn't die
I heard God's voice and took his hand
Now I live with him in the Promised Land
With those that came before me, I am not alone
And on Heaven's racetrack, I feel right at home
When I think of things, we never got to say
Please know that my life is full today
For those I loved and had to leave
I ask you now, for me don't grieve
If I could return for a little while
I'd say goodbye and memorize your smile
I know that this can never be
So I ask you now to remember me
There is an Angel, with God above
To always watch over those I love
Lift up your hearts, come share with me
For God wanted me and now I'm free

Copyright 2001 Evelyn Adams

His Love, His Life
Written by Evelyn Lea Adams on 3/20/01

He was our bright shining star
Living half his life in the #3 car
When Dale Jr. won the Texas race
You could see the pride upon his face
As he spoke of Kerry and Kelly
The joy in his voice turned your knees to jelly
Ah yes, there was Teresa and Taylor too
The love for them shining, in those eyes so blue
To one and all he gave his respect
From this man, what more could you expect
He touched everyone far and near
Why God wanted him, not really clear
With Teresa, he said his last Prayer
Climbed in his car and Stevie's verse was there
In third place, Mike and Jr. winning the race
God called to him, from his Hallowed Place
Now he's racing in Heaven above
Building a home, waiting for those he loves

Copyright 2001 Evelyn Adams

King of The Road
Written by Evelyn Lea Adams on 4/10/01

In 1975, he made his debut
To become more than even he knew
In 1979, he won Rookie of the Year
And oh my gosh, did his fans cheer
He holds 7 Championship Winston Cups
For 25 years he raced, never giving up
He tied Richard Petty, his good friend
Doing it all, with his special grin
IROC Championships, he has three
Working hard, being the best he could be
Five laps to go and in eighteenth place
Would you believe he won the Talladega race
He waltzed and weaved his way around tracks
With his foot on the pedal, never looking back
He's won more races than we can count
Leaving a legacy, that will be hard to surmount
There was so much more, to this man
From the time his racing career began
Love and friendship to all he bestowed
That's why he is known as "King of the Road"

Copyright 2001 Evelyn Adams

Kelly's Song
Written by Evelyn Lea Adams on 4/8/01

When I was just a little girl
My Daddy was my whole world
He was a famous race driver, you see
And Just like him I wanted to be
So I told the world: Kelly's my name
And you better know, racings my game
He was always there to cheer me on
Never did I feel, I was all alone
I knew that of me, my Daddy was proud
That made me feel, I was walking on a cloud
I finally quit the racing game
Very proud of my racing name
Into the family business I went
Daddy's money on schools was well spent
He didn't care, what I chose to do
As long as to myself, I was true
His love for me so very pure
Of this, I was always sure
He raced his car down the path of fame
Yes, Dale Earnhardt was my Daddy's name

Copyright 2001 Evelyn Adams

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