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My Awards

Below are the awards that this site has received.  Thanks to all the contributors to this site!   You know who you are!

6/4/01, my site was presented the IRONHEAD AWARD by the Dale Rules Fan Page. This was my first award.  Thanks Larry!

Thanks Larry Cade!

7/17/01, I was awarded the Dale Earnhardt 3 Perfect Site Award.  Even though the site has been closed down, the site owner wanted to make sure
that I got this award before his site was closed.  Thanks so
much Intimidator11!

Thanks Chuck & Jen!

7/21/01,   Thanks so much Karen!

 I was awarded  three awards.  Thanks so much Dave & Stacie!

The second and third awards were given to me by The Cookie Jar.  
I only applied for one award, but she gave me two!  Be sure to check out the site
to find some great graphics that she
has designed.  
Thanks so much Cookie!

  Thanks so much to the staff of for their votes!

On August 29, 2001, this site received the Golden WebPage Award.  Thanks so much George P. Crofton, MSgt, United States Air Force (Retired)!

Received this award from Web's Best Site Award.  Thanks so much J. Smith!

Received this award from Critter's Home Page
Thanks so much Critter!

Received this award from Texas Leather N Lace
Thanks so much Mary!

Received this award from NASCARICK
Thanks so much Rick!

TeamRacin TeamRacin This

has been awarded to:
Fans' Memories of Dale Earnhardt
created by: Heather Brown

I am pleased to award Fans' Memories of Dale Earnhardt the TeamRacin NASCAR Award. This site has been very well designed and constructed. Congratulations Heather Brown on a Outstanding Job!!!
This Award has been presented by

Visit TeamRacin

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January 17, 2002

We received this award on 2/12/02
Thanks Blackchev!!!

We received this award on 3/03/02.
Thanks so much Craig!

It is with great honor Heather to give you this award for helping all those fans keep the love for Dale alive.
~Raymond Gaff-Webmaster 2/03

Thanks to all of the fireman for the hard work you do to keep our world a little safer when
trouble is near.  God Bless you all!

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